Complementary Therapies to Improve Wound Care

Offer of FireHealing Touch improves wound healing when used as a complementary therapy with conventional wound care strategies.

Many wounds pose no challenge to the body’s innate ability to heal; some wounds, however, may not heal easily either because of the severity of the wounds themselves or because of the poor state of health of the individual. Wounds that do not heal naturally within a few weeks, might reflect an underlying disease such as diabetes,  poor circulation, or other serious conditions.  When wounds do not heal in a timely, natural manner, there is always an increased danger of infection, inflammation and the rapid multiplication of bacteria leading to sepsis (septic shock).

When non-invasive Healing Touch techniques are used in conjunction with conventional wound care strategies, the human energy field is energized and balanced, to promote improved wound healing.  One case study reported that incorporating Healing Touch therapy into the wound care program of a patient with an abdominal wound that did not heal with conventional medical care, enabled the patient to progress to complete healing.

One interesting way to look at wound healing is that wounds are similar to a battery that sends a tiny electrical voltage throughout the body producing pain.  Healing Touch helps to neutralize the electrical properties of the wound in order to facilitate the client’s healing by promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

For the natural therapy to improve wound care, contact me so we can discuss how Healing Touch could help in your specific situation.

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