Easing the Debiliating Effects for Those Suffering From Dementia

SunflowerHealing Touch can significantly lower agitation levels and improve behavioral response in persons with dementia.

Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases.  It affects memory, thinking, language, and judgment and can cause changes in behaviors and personality.  Some behavioral changes may be caused by the actual deterioration happening in a person’s brain, while other behavioral and personality changes may be reactions to the emotional challenges of coping with the deterioration changes.  Dementia may lead to depression, aggression, confusion, frustration, anxiety, a lack of inhibition and disorientation.  Most types of dementia are non-reversible. 

In research studies on the affect of Healing Touch treatments on people with dementia, it was shown that Healing Touch can significantly lower agitation levels, decrease the need for psychotropic medication and have an overall calming effect.  Another study on patients with late stages of Alzheimer’s disease showed Healing Touch improved standard behavioral scores.  Other studies have shown institutionalized individuals receiving Healing Touch treatments realized an improvement in pain and functional ability.

If your loved one is suffering the debilitating effects of dementia, contact me so we can discuss how Healing Touch can help.

For more information on this and other Healing Touch research studies, please go to http://www.healingtouchresearch.com/.


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