Healing Touch Services I Offer

Healing Touch is useful for any condition of body, mind, and spirit. In her practice, Heart to Heart Connection in Chico, Nanette Sagastume  employs a variety of Healing Touch techniques that are very helpful in reducing  pain of any sort, including that of headache and back and neck pain, the most frequent pain complaints. Because of its gentle minimal touch, Healing Touch is ideally suited to the unique pain of fibromyalgia.

Nanette has used Healing Touch to help clients recover more quickly from surgery. She has even used Healing Touch to soothe clients who were in their last hours of life.

Additional techniques  to calm and clear the mind are helpful to those experiencing chronic and acute anxiety, as well as depression and post-traumatic stress. Nanette has a particular affection for military families and, using Healing Touch, has helped many cope with the anxiety of their loved one’s deployment.

Refer to the testimonial page on the website for some client comments.  Contact Nanette for a free consultation to see how Healing Touch can benefit you: 530-521-0429.


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