How Cancer Patients Can Improve Their Quality of Life

ButterflyonstoneHealing Touch is widely used in treating the fatigue, nausea and pain that frequently accompanies the treatment for cancer.  Healing Touch is often cited by cancer patients as providing a sense of comfort and connection that got them through difficult cancer regimes and helped them to keep going.

The diagnosis of cancer often brings feelings of fear, anxiety, and loss.  The treatment phase of the disease focuses on the destruction of cancer cells which often can impact healthy tissue as well.  Healing Touch is able to provide a supportive environment for the person undergoing treatment.

Numerous studies of Healing Touch used in the treatment of cancer show it can help to decrease some of the side effects of treatment and improve overall quality of life.  In one study, women receiving radiation treatment for gynecological and breast cancer who also received Healing Touch treatments demonstrated better quality of life with significant differences in vitality, pain, and physical functioning.

In another study Healing Touch was compared with massage therapy and “presence” during cancer treatment.  Healing Touch was found to significantly reduce levels of pain and mood disturbance and resulted in less fatigue overall.  Yet another study found that Healing Touch therapy significantly improved fatigue and nausea, while improving levels of distress and pain in those undergoing cancer treatments.

Cancer patients receiving Healing Touch during cancer treatment often report that it provides a sense of caring, a way of connecting, and enables them to open to trust.  They also reported that Healing Touch was a process by which they saw themselves as whole and having a sense of well-being.

Similarly, patient satisfaction surveys for those receiving Healing Touch during treatment demonstrated improved relaxation, improved sense of control, positive change in energy, improved sense of well-being, decreased pain, and decreased side effects of cancer treatments.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the fatigue, nausea and pain that accompanies cancer treatment, contact me so we can discuss how Healing Touch could benefit you.

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