Helping Military Families With Stress

Having a loved one deployed in a combat zone can be enormously stressful for the entire family. Fear for the safety of a loved is barely hidden underneath every waking moment; it even intrudes on one’s sleep. I know. My son was a Marine in Fallujah in 2004. I also know how effectively Healing Touch helps one cope with stress.

Since some combat deployments have been for twelve, fifteen, and sometimes even eighteen months, the constant worry or a loved one begins to take a toll on the bodies of military families. Our adrenal glands are designed to supply hormones (principally adrenalin  and cortisol) to help us deal with brief occasions of danger. These hormones sharpen our mind and our reflexes in order to act quickly to avert a driving accident, for instance. Once the danger has passed, the hormones drop down to normal levels.

However, when one is constantly in fear and anxiety, these stress hormones continue to be released. The ongoing exposure to these hormones begins to damage the body’s organs and immune system, which in turn invites chronic disorders such as heart disease, memory impairment, obesity, and sleep disorders among others. Healing Touch is a valuable holistic tool to intervene in this cascade of reactions.

Energetically, unusual stress causes an alteration in the energy field. When a Healing Touch practitioner assesses a client’s energy field, she may identify a disturbance in the  field over areas of the body most affected by severe or chronic stress. For instance, she may notice a disturbance over the area where the adrenal glands are located (reflecting the over-activity of stress hormone production), the stomach (where the client may be experiencing his stress), or the head (if he is experiencing stress headaches).

The Healing Touch practitioner can clear and balance these areas and enhance the flow through  the energy centers of the body. She then may add additional techniques to address the areas of a client’s symptoms, as well as provide techniques that enhance a relaxation response. I found that receiving Healing Touch during my son’s deployment nurtured and calmed me, the benefit of a single session sometimes lasting for weeks. As a holistic approach, Healing Touch works gently, without the use of medication and, better, it can help heal body, mind, and spirit. It is a wonderful option for maintaining the health and spirits of military families.

Nanette Sagastume


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