Reducing the Stress that Damages the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself


Healing Touch is effective at reducing the long-term effects of chronic stress on the body, and as well as minimizing the impact of stressful events like medical procedures or treatment for severe diseases.

Stress has both positive and negative effects on the human system.  A certain amount of stress is needed to encourage change and to move one forward with daily challenges.  However, prolonged stress creates a “wearing down” of the body’s defenses.  This can lead to changes in the immune system; increased risk of illness and delays in the way the body heals.

Healing Touch has been used in a variety of studies concerned with reducing stress.  For instance, in studies done on students, Healing Touch was found to have a positive effect on reducing stress.

Healing Touch has also been found to reduce the levels of stress in individuals that are experiencing stressful events like invasive medical procedures or treatment for severe diseases.  In one study that looked at individuals with a chronic disease, participants reported a decrease in their stress after receiving weekly Healing Touch sessions.

A common report after receiving a Healing Touch session is one of deep relaxation and a sense of peacefulness.  This has been reported in a number of patient satisfaction surveys and in practice by both practitioners and their clients. In our stressful lives, having the opportunity to come to a place of peace and rest is beneficial.

If you or a loved one are suffering the debilitating effects of stress, contact Nanette to discuss how Healing Touch could benefit you.

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