About Me

Providing Healing Touch To Chico California

After graduating from  the University of San Francisco in 1972 with a degree in nursing, I worked for a number of years in hospitals in San Francisco and Chico, California before switching to a primary care clinic setting at California State University Chico in Student Health Services, where I worked for twenty-eight years. In 1982 I received a certificate as a College Health Nurse Practitioner from Brigham Young University.

I came to Healing Touch in 2000 by accident, taking the first level class because it offered continuing education units that I needed for my nursing re-licensure. Despite the fact that it worked in a manner that my analytical brain found foreign, I had to agree Healing Touch seemed to make a difference when I used even basic techniques on friends and family. I was drawn to it and, over the course of several years, took more classes. I offered Healing Touch to friends and family intermittently for such situations as acute and chronic pain, post-surgery pain and healing, emotional stress, and hospice situations. The holistic, complementary, and gentle approach to wellness that Healing Touch offers seemed to always result in recipients feeling noticeably improved after a session. As I worked in an open-hearted way, I noticed that typically, by a session’s conclusion, the client  felt not only improvement in pain, but there was a sense of calm and benevolence toward others, that permeated us both.

I personally found Healing Touch helpful to ease my anxiety when my son was deployed as a combat Marine to Iraq in 2004.  In 2001, I launched a hometown support group for military families and have an enduring affection for them, many of whom have benefited from my Healing Touch services. I am especially drawn to heal the hearts of military families and veterans. As the wife and mother of combat Marines, I found the military family experience so profound that I have written a book on the subject, We Also Serve: A Family Goes to War. published in 2011.

After retiring from the University, I began the year-long apprenticeship to become a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and, attaining that goal in 2009, I opened my practice: Heart to Heart Connection in Chico, California. Since learning Healing Touch, I have also studied other energy therapy modalities; I am a third degree practitioner of Reiki and Level 5 practitioner of  Tylem.

I live in Chico with my wonderful husband of more than forty years; we have four grown children, and an expanding number of  grandchildren.

I love doing energy therapy work and look forward to showing you how it can make a difference in your level of wellness. I encourage all who wish to have less pain and stress and want to enhance their health and well-being to click on the “Contact Me” tab above or call me at: 530-521-0429.