Here’s what some of my clients have had to say about my practice:

Nanette Sagastume and Healing Touch have helped me so much over the past nine months that it is difficult to recall what bad shape I was in when I started. I have...a complex case history and I was in a lot of pain over almost my entire body, and I had no energy. Every session provided me immediate pain lessening, and slowly my energy increased as well. After seven years of a debilitating chronic condition, for which nothing else had any lasting results--and I had tried every method-- I am incredibly better. I had many deep insights during the sessions as well, which I feel has started a deeper healing. I feel I will even get free of all symptoms and just be well. Finally.

If anyone wishes to speak with me, it would be an honor to tell you about Nanette's Healing Touch.

Mary Kay Benson

Nanette Sagastume has shown me ways that the body can heal itself just by the sheer touch of hands. Healing Touch is a non-invasive holistic style that involves surrendering to the energy that we all have inside of us that can be brought out by a healing touch. I have had many wonderful sessions with Nanette. She has used her expert gift on my sister and my ninety-year old father. Nanette is an amazing healer and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Desi Cowan

I have been receiving Healing Touch treatments for nearly two years from Nanette and they have been such a blessing! In recent years I have been experiencing some unusual stressors and the benefits of Healing Touch have helped tremendously in the areas of relaxation and general well being. I highly recommend Nanette as a practitioner due to her compassion and background in medicine. I have always felt at ease in asking questions and confident in the answers received.


My experiences with Healing Touch were very positive. It was so relaxing to just lie on the table, eye pillow in place, and let my cares drift away. I could hear Nanette working away all around me, feel her presence when her hands got close to me, and knew good things were happening. While I don't have the background to completely comprehend the entire process that she does, I do understand that blocked energy isn't healthy and that unblocking the energy--chi--is so beneficial to body and spirit. After a Healing Touch session, I always felt refreshed and relaxed and specific areas of concern were less of an issure to me. It was enjoyable to hear Nanette's summary of my session from the practitioner's point of view; i.e., where my energy was stifled and what she did to get it moving. I would recommend Healing Touch to anyone interested in improved health and who understands the benefit of starting with this level of care.

Chris G.

Several weeks after undergoing surgery for a common orthopedic problem, I noticed that I had no energy, my thinking felt fuzzy, and I had no appetite. All I really wanted to do was sleep. My doctor is doing a diagnostic workup, but in the meantime I had an appointment with Nanette at Heart to Heart Connection. Her Healing Touch therapy did not require me to remove any clothing and it was completely painless. In fact, it was incredibly relaxing. I wasn't cured, but when I left the session, I was thinking more clearly. More important, I was hungry and, following the session, I went out to a restaurant and managed to eat an entire hamburger--I had not been able to eat a meal for weeks before the session...I can't explain how Healing Touch works. I can only say that it did make a difference for me. Nanette made me feel better; when you are sick, that is very important.Unlike my next doctor appointment, I look forward to another Healing Touch session with Nanette.